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Welcome to Burbo Bank<p>​The Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm comprises 25 efficient wind turbines and is situated on the Burbo Flats in Liverpool Bay at the entrance to the River Mersey, approximately 6.4km (4.0 miles) from the Sefton coastline and 7.2km (4.5 miles) from North Wirral. <br><br>The wind farm is capable of generating up to 90MW (megawatts) of clean, environmentally sustainable electricity. This is enough power for approximately 80,000 homes</p><a title="Click here to read more about Burbo Bank" class="ms-rteElement-LinkArrow" href="http://www.burbobank.co.uk/en/project">Read more</a>http://authoring.dongenergy.com



Burbo Bank Extension<p>​DONG Energy has submitted an Application to the Planning Inspectorate for the Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm.</p><p>​<a title="Click here to go to the web site for Burbo Bank Extension project" class="ms-rteElement-LinkArrow" href="http://www.burbobankextension.co.uk/" target="_blank">Further information on the Burbo Bank Extension project</a></p>http://authoring.dongenergy.com